World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (PC)


10 reasons to hate World of Warcraft (Lich King Edition!)

26.11.2008 14:47 Uhr
Every gamer is in love with World of Warcraft. Every gamer? No! There are good reasons to detest the “World of Farmcraft”.

WotLK: You can love it, but you don't have to WotLK: You can love it, but you don't have to [Quelle: ] By now the Lich King has arrived on our realms, teasing us, joking about us… Still, Blizzard is selling add-ons like hotcakes. Is the WoW virus completely unstoppable?

Are we going to see Money Bins like Uncle Scrooge’s, but with a big blue Blizzard logo on top? Is every other online game going to be trampled down by the colossus that is World of Warcraft?

Wait a sec! There is a horde, a different kind of horde that is, still resisting the motley virtual world. And they came up with reasons against WoW craziness. If you are a Wow-nerd, you may find their arguments insulting. Because these guys really hate World of Warcraft and WotLK. Or do they? Be sure to read to the end to find out…

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