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  • Doom: Test-Übersicht - Tolle Action, aber repetitiv

    In unserer Test-Übersicht fassen wir die Reviews zu Doom zusammen. Quelle: Bethesda

    Doom im Test: In unserer Übersicht fassen wir die Wertungen und Fazits wichtiger internationaler Magazine zusammen. Die Reviews loben ein Old-School-Gameplay mit netten Bosskämpfen, bemängeln aber den Mehrspieler-Modus. Doom ist seit dem 13. Mai für PC, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One im Handel erhältlich.

    Die ersten Tests zu Doom sind online. Zur besseren Übersicht fassen wir nachfolgend die Wertungen und Fazits wichtiger Magazine zusammen. Der aktuelle Ego-Shooter von id Software scheint einen gemischten Eindruck bei den Testern hinterlassen zu haben - die Wertungen gehen stark auseinander. Auf liegt der Wertungsschnitt der PS4-Version derzeit bei 80 Prozent, der der PC-Version bei 77 Prozent. Der Test von lobt eine hektische Action sowie gelungene Bosskämpfe, bemängelt jedoch den Mehrspieler-Modus sowie sich wiederholende Arenen.

    Der Test von COGconnected spricht eine klare Kaufempfehlung für Fans von First-Person-Shootern und der alten Doom-Spiele aus. Weitere Eindrücke entnehmt ihr der nachfolgenden Test-Übersicht. Unser Vorab-Testfazit zu Doom lest ihr unter diesem Link. Redakteur Lukas Schmid schreibt: "Ich habe meinen Spaß mit Doom. Allerdings bin ich überrascht, wie konsequent sich die Entwickler auf der einen Seite den Genre-Errungenschaften der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte widersetzen und dabei den Abwechslungsreichtum opfern, aber gleichzeitig auf Teufel-komm-raus versuchen, moderne Elemente wie das hoffnungslos überladene Upgrade-System einzubauen." Doom ist seit dem 13. Mai für PC, PS4 und Xbox One im Handel erhältlich. Aktuelle News, Videos und Screenshots findet ihr wie gewohnt auf unserer Themenseite zu Doom.

    Test-Übersicht zu Doom

    Brash Games - 100
    Overall I am completely satisfied with Doom. So far it has been my favourite third party AAA game of this console generation. I can't remember being this impressed with a first person shooter since BioShock Infinite, and even then I think I prefer this one.

    COGconnected - 90
    If you like first person shooters, if you're an old DOOM fan, or if you just like killing demons, treat yourself to DOOM 2016.

    Eurogamer Italy - 90
    Old school gaming strikes back again, and its hits are as powerful as they once were.

    CGMagazine - 90
    Doom reminded me that games used to just be fun. It's an polished and incredibly enjoyable game that blends old-school sensibilities with new-school quality. I appreciate a steak, but every now and again, all I want is a delicious, greasy burger. Doom is that burger.

    Merlin'in Kazani - 87
    DOOM is like a love letter to its two predecessors. It is an action-packed roller coaster with big fluffing guns, badass monsters and lots of blood. The multiplayer might get boring after a short while but thanks to the SnapMap, players will have their chances to try some new stuff anytime.

    Cheat Code Central - 86
    I honestly think we're looking at a spring blockbuster and a truly worthy reboot of a timeless classic. DOOM isn't for everyone. The blinding speed of play, demonic symbolism, demanding controls, and hyper-violence may discourage some from jumping in. If you can handle it, though, it really is a thrill ride.

    GameCrate - 85
    With Doom, it's clear that id Software set out to make a shooter game which puts fun above all else, and in that regard, the studio hit the nail right on the head. Some old-school purists may scoff at a Doom game with progression and unlocks and other modern shooter elements, but if their refusal to let go of the past keeps them from playing Doom, they'll only be robbing themselves of the chance to play what is hands down one of the most solid shooter experiences of 2016 so far.

    JeuxActu - 80
    Violent, fast and visceral, Doom finally returns to its origins. The atmosphere and gameplay undoubtedly remind us of how powerful the saga was in the 90's.

    XGN - 80
    DOOM is back with fast action, huge guns and a ton of demons to defeat. Id Software delivers great graphics and gameplay, with a multiplayer and Snapmap mode to keep you busy for a long time to come.

    Digital Spy - 80
    Relax - this is very nearly the Doom you've always wanted but never really thought you'd get. By focusing on DOOM's brutal, ultraviolent heart iD has created an all-action FPS in the old-school style, but with next-gen looks and a handful of mod-cons. It's not going to reinvent the genre, but it might help you rediscover all the good stuff that used to make it tick.

    PC World - 80
    It may not be as influential or creative as either the original Doom or Doom 3—which, although it hasn't aged well, ushered in a dozen monster-closet copycats. Still, Doom in 2016 is successful because it knows it's dumb and leans into the fact. There are no pretensions towards artistry here, no delusions of grandeur. It's a popcorn flick where the main character can only speak in gunshots.

    Examiner - 80
    Superbly fun. While there are nods to the previous games in the series, there are times where it does not "feel" like a Doom game. That does not deter from the overall experience. The game is gorgeous, sounds great, and offers reasons to come back and play. The SnapMap mode is an excellent touch, however the multiplayer feels added for the sake of having multiplayer. Doom is known for its single player experience, and that is where it excels the most.

    IGN Spain - 80
    Doom is saved by its frenetic gameplay represented in the campaign and its Snapmap editor that allows you to do everything. The game would have been better without a multiplayer that deducts.

    PlayStation LifeStyle - 80
    Defying the odds, id Software has made DOOM not only a relevant series in 2016, but a great one. They've also managed to create three distinct modes that all have their own appeal and feel to them. It's an amazing package, and one that I'll continue to come back to.

    IGN - 71
    Doom is a tale of two very different shooters (and one quirky creation tool). The single-player campaign's reverent worship of the series' roots results in an old-school run-and-gun shooter which feels like imitation Doom, a cover of an old hit which nails all the right power chords but isn't exactly transformative. The multiplayer's attempts to borrow from the new to reinvigorate the old results in an experience which won't satisfy either school of thought. SnapMap, meanwhile, is a blend of weird and simple and endearing.

    Metro GameCentral - 70
    As graceful a marriage of old school action and modern sensibilities as you could probably hope for, despite the so-so multiplayer and repetitive setting.

    Digitally Downloaded - 50
    People will be talking about the first two Doom games for decades more - those two games may well be remembered as true classics of the gaming medium a century down the track. This Doom won't. This new Doom is terrible...Like the greedy organisation that unleashes hell on Mars, this is the product of exploitation; the developers at ID Software and Bethesda are playing with fire in treating a property as valuable as Doom this way.

    Doom (2016): Video-Grafikvergleich - PC vs. Xbox One vs. PS4
    Spielecover zu Doom (2016)
    Doom (2016)
  • Doom (2016)
    Doom (2016)
    Bethesda Softworks
    id Software
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Doom (2016)
Doom: Test-Übersicht - Tolle Action, aber repetitiv
Doom im Test: In unserer Übersicht fassen wir die Wertungen und Fazits wichtiger internationaler Magazine zusammen. Die Reviews loben ein Old-School-Gameplay mit netten Bosskämpfen, bemängeln aber den Mehrspieler-Modus. Doom ist seit dem 13. Mai für PC, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One im Handel erhältlich.
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